10 July 2009

Lone Star Texas Flags - Cleaning Out the Studio

I'm in the process of cleaning out and organizing my studio/office....ugh. All of you artists know what I mean. I have so much stuff packed away because I may use it sometime.....yeah right. I got to one corner of my room today and I did actually find some stuff to trash.......but this was the easy corner....the least cluttered. This is going to take a while but I'm determined to comb through the unwanted or useless stuff. Today I found a ton of old paintings and drawings from 10+ years. The pics above are some of my favorites that I haven't seen in years. I'll post some more old school stuff later on...this might be fun to reminisce.

1 comment:

  1. What hidden treasures you found. I like them, so I can see why they are still some of your favorites.

    I found that I found so many lost or forgotten treasures as I was taking things out of their boxes and putting them on shelves. One of the hardest things about reorganizing is NOT stopping once you find something you forgot and immediately creating art. I hope you have lots of will power. I sure needed it!


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