13 July 2009

Studio Clean Up Day #2

Tomorrow's work...need any sports pages from any big Texas Tech victories? I got em.

The corner of doom.

Am I the only one that has 4 shoeboxes full of postcards, coasters, ticket stubs, decals, and other small paper items? I love these boxes.

The new bookshelf.....can't wait to fill it up....neatly of course.

Well I decided to go ahead a dig in a little today and see if I could make a little progress with cleaning up my studio/office. I tackled two more sections today. I was trying to organize some of my books. I have a lot of books that I keep around for future collages. I also have tons of art, sports, Texana, and history books that I enjoy having around for my personal use. Around lunch time today we went over to IKEA, which is about 5 minutes from the house. It's our annual trip to browse. I caved in a bought a new book shelf for my room to help "clear the clutter" if you will. I put it together in about 2o minutes and then I started going through my other bookshelves to divide up the books. Tomorrow I'm going to hit my newspaper, magazine, and program collection. I'm also looking for stuff to possibly sell on EBAY. Above are some pics of the new bookshelf and some of the paper stuff I'm going to sift through tomorrow.

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  1. My studio is in dire need of some organization. I thought maybe since you do such a good job......


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