26 July 2009

Deathray Davies at Sons of Hermann Hall

Double-Wide decor

Deathray Davies

Last night my brother and I were able hang out in some of our favorite spots in Dallas. I'll give you the quick rundown. We had some burgers at the Lakewood Landing. They were good as usual. Then we headed down to the Double-Wide for some cheap PBR. If you've never been to Double-Wide then you need to go check it out. It has wood paneling, stuffed animal heads on the wall, bed sheet curtains, felt paintings, and bad TV. The TVs had WWO wrestling on last night...in Spanish.....classic! One time I was there they had footage of tornadoes on constant loop....even better. After a few drinks we headed over to Sons of Hermann Hall to watch the Deathray Davies play. DRD is one of my favorite bands and they have been on quite the hiatus as of late so it was good to see them back on the road. It was a great show.


  1. Jeb - At the Double-wide - I don't see any Duct-tape! LOL

  2. Oh there was duct tape! It's on all the sofa arms to cover up the vinyl splits.

  3. great show but too short, oh well and i can testify to the duct tape everywhere


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