17 July 2009

Estate Sale Finds #2 - 2009

I hit a couple of estate sales yesterday in the north Dallas area. At the first sale I picked up about 10 old maps of Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado from the 1950's. They have some great collage potential. At the second sale I bought an entire box of 1960's train schedules from around 30 or so different railroads. There were 167 in all! I plan on selling some of these in lots on EBAY and using the other ones for some new artwork I'm planning out. I also bought an old Scrabble game. There are tons of crafts that you can do with those old Scrabble pieces. Overall it was a successful outing. Thursday and Friday mornings are the best for estate sales in Dallas. I love the thrill of the hunt.


  1. I made a pithy little comment about my fascination with train schedules before, but it has disappeared! Apologies if it returns, rendering this comment repetitive. I would love to see what your final products are from these finds. Also, am extremely jealous of the opportunity to see Kings of Leon!

  2. We'll see how the collages turn out. I'm planning some paintings right now and I'll post some updates when I get started. KoL should be good...I'll try my best to get over to the Today studio that Friday morning.

  3. Man, you make me want to dig up stuff from my attic and put it to use! Mandy was actually considering that McKinney run, but I think she's already backed out. Good luck to you!

  4. KOL have gone down hill, their first two albums are great but then they turned into U2

  5. Usually women call it "shopping" but we call it "hunting". Good find on the maps.


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