16 July 2009

Buried Treasures #1 - Horseshoe Lounge Collage Painting

This is a painting that I did about a year and a half ago. It is a painting on an old Texas map. I glued the map down on to an 8 x 10 canvas using acrylic medium and then drew out the sign. I think the map background adds a cool and unique look. The Horseshoe Lounge is a little dive on the south side of Austin. I've always liked the sign, and thought it would make a great painting. It was my first attempt at doing the old neon signs. I have done quite a few more since. I'll post them later. Slaid Cleaves has a song called "Horseshoe Lounge". It is usually in my head when I look at this work. Good stuff.


  1. NICE work jeb!!!
    i hadn't gotten to you on the list from seths page
    since you visted me...i jumped over a few to get to you

    thank you for coming by

  2. thanks again for the email...regards from nyc.

  3. I enjoyed your post..Thanks to Seth..

  4. I love this painting! And I also enjoy Slaid Cleves!

  5. what a terrific painting! thanks so much for digging up this treasure for all of us to see. :)

  6. I love hand painted signs. Ive dona a few for restaraunts. Nothing better than paintings of neons
    Shine on,

  7. Interesting scratch information. I would never thought of neon signs! I will be seeing them in new light now!

  8. I remember this piece. Love the use of the map in the background!!

  9. interesting piece. I like it.


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