08 July 2009

Colorado Purchase - Elk Antlers

While we were in Castle Rock, Colorado we did a little shopping at The Barn.....you know looking for junky trinkets and such. My wife and I had been talking recently about finding some antlers to put up in our house.....to kind of give it that Georgia O'Keefe vibe. I wanted an old deer skull with antlers, but Carrie wanted just antlers. We found a good compromise in Castle Rock at The Barn. A huge rack of elk antlers mounted on the wall. They were a little bigger than we had originally planned on, but he price was right and I thought they looked cool. The picture above is the rack a few weeks ago when I bought them. I'm going to take all the fur off of the skull before we hang them inside. I'll post a pic of the antlers in their final indoor resting place once I get it finished.

7/8/09 - 26:27 - One full minute off of Monday's run. Don't think I can keep that going too long before it levels off somewhat.


  1. Hey Jeb, nice set of antlers! Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I'm enjoying exploring and really dig your big "sign" paintings. Look forward to seeing more.


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