08 July 2009

Colorado Purchase - Elk Antlers

While we were in Castle Rock, Colorado we did a little shopping at The Barn.....you know looking for junky trinkets and such. My wife and I had been talking recently about finding some antlers to put up in our house.....to kind of give it that Georgia O'Keefe vibe. I wanted an old deer skull with antlers, but Carrie wanted just antlers. We found a good compromise in Castle Rock at The Barn. A huge rack of elk antlers mounted on the wall. They were a little bigger than we had originally planned on, but he price was right and I thought they looked cool. The picture above is the rack a few weeks ago when I bought them. I'm going to take all the fur off of the skull before we hang them inside. I'll post a pic of the antlers in their final indoor resting place once I get it finished.

7/8/09 - 26:27 - One full minute off of Monday's run. Don't think I can keep that going too long before it levels off somewhat.

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  1. Hey Jeb, nice set of antlers! Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I'm enjoying exploring and really dig your big "sign" paintings. Look forward to seeing more.


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