08 May 2009

Old 97's - Wreck Your Life

Old 97's are my favorite band. I'm going to see them tonight in Addison. If you've never heard of them make sure and check them out. Wreck Your Life is their second album. It's a great album for you to get acquainted with their unique sound....classic Old 97's if you will. My favorite songs on this one would have to be, "Doreen", "Victoria" and "Over The Cliff" This CD is money! Enough said. I'll try and post some pics from the show tomorrow.

Track List:

"Victoria" - 3:51
"The Other Shoe" - 2:58
"Doreen" - 3:43
"You Belong To My Heart" - 3:05
"Big Brown Eyes" - 4:25
"Dressing Room Walls" - 3:55
"W-I-F-E" - 3:32
"Bel Air" - 4:05
"My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin" - 2:15
"Old Familiar Steam" - 3:58
"Over The Cliff" - 3:19
"Goin', Goin', Gone" - 3:54

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