27 May 2009

Wednesday Confession: Tejano Music & The Texas Tornados

I have a secret. I like Conjunto/Tejano music. I sometimes twist my radio dial to the local Spanish station and crank it up. Well, maybe not crank it, but listen to it at a normal decibel level. All you need is an accordion, a 12 string guitar, a bass, maybe an organ, and some drums.....and there you go.....of course some of the lyrics need to be in Spanish too....that helps. Today on my way to work I plugged in the Best of the Texas Tornados CD. This group consists of Augie Meyers, the late Freddy Fender, Flaco Jimenez, and the late and great Doug Sahm. There is just something about this group that screams out south Texas. Each of these guys has had success in other projects or solo careers before forming the Texas Tornados. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on these guys because it would take more room than I'd like to use today. This was a very talented group to say the least. Doug Sahm is about as Texan as you can get. Flaco is basically the king of Conjunto music (that dude can play the accordion!) Of course how can you forget Freddy Fender? the #1 hit "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" & my favorite, "Rancho Grande"...classic. This is great summer music. Pop open a Dos Equis and enjoy.

Track List (Click to Listen):


  1. Don't forget, you also need a slightly, well, grossly overweight guy to dance next to you. Worked for Emelio.

  2. Greg, you are correct! I overlooked that vital piece of the Tejano music puzzle.

  3. LOVED this post-makes me think of home. Tejano music is great, especially to dance to!


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