05 May 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo - Mexican Food Favorites

I've always thought it would be fun to be a food critic and give my two cents worth since I love food so much. I consider myself to be somewhat savvy in the world of Tex-Mex dining. I know you won't all agree with my choices....but it is my my blog and your comments and other recommendations are welcome....I'm always up for trying new places or debating food. Here is my list of top Mexican food places I've been to, categorized by food item.

Chips: Matt's Rancho Martinez - Dallas, Texas - Thin & salty.....perfect!

Queso: Herbert's Taco Hut - San Marcos, Texas - thick and spicy....not soupy.

Salsa: Hacienda Colorado - Denver, Colorado & Chuy's - TX - Both fresh and spicy

Salsa Verde: Luna de Noche - Dallas, Texas - Green, cilantro heavy addicting salsa

Guacamole: Red's Patio Grill - Plano, Texas - My wife swears by it!

Tortillas: Alamo Cafe - San Antonio, Texas - nothing beats a hot one off the comal!

Pastries: Mi Tierra - San Antonio, Texas - this is heaven for a sweet tooth.

Breakfast Burrito: Isabel's Cafe - Port Isabel, Texas - biggest tortilla you've ever seen!

Tacos al Carbon: Ricardo's - Allen, Texas - marinated all night in pico de gallo!

Enchiladas: Abuelo's - Lubbock, Texas - on the money and outstanding cheese!

Fajitas: Mi Cocina - Dallas, Texas - The sunset fajitas are awesome!!!! All time favorite dish!

Brisket Tacos: Luna de Noche - Dallas, Texas

Fast Food / Late night Tex-Mex: Taco Cabana - Hungry at 3 A.M.? Try the Super Tex Mex!

Now that you are hungry go out and get some Tex-Mex!


  1. good picks, but once you try Chacos it will be added and Sol's Taco lounge is good too

  2. You have to come to Plainview and try the chips at Mi Mexico. They make their own hot and fresh and put of this world!!

  3. I'll make a point of it next time I'm in Plainview. I've got friends from there.

  4. Anonymous5/06/2009

    Good list. Yep, the sunset are my favorite too. Can't beat those. A new one for me are the garlic beef tacos at fuzzy's in Denton.

  5. I'm gonna have to try Fuzzy's.....or next time you are there pick me up some and drop them off by the house.

  6. Definately must agree about the salsa at Luna's. I think you forgot a category: ambiance: Maria's Taco Shack in Austin. Where else can you hear live gospel music while eating breakfast tacos?

  7. Jeb--I'm only disappointed I didn't get this list before our foray into Texas!

  8. Leigh, is that the place we went with the giant lady statue thing on the roof? If so, I remember that was a great breakfast! Austin could probably dominate this list...I just haven't eaten Tex-Mex enough there.

  9. You're thinking of the right place.

  10. Just got my new Texas Highways Magazine in the mail yesterday and in the Robert Earl Keen interview....He mentioned Herbert's as his favorite Tex Mex place in Texas. Good taste REK!

  11. Need a Nice Margarita to wash down that Tex Mex... Nothing beats Chimy's in Lubbock!


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