18 May 2009

Did I just have the best pizza in Dallas? - Louie's Dallas, Texas

Louie's on Henderson

Thin and delicious

Saturday night before our trip over to the Ice House Cultural Center for the photography exhibit we made a pit stop to meet my brother for some pizza. The place we chose was Louie's. We heard about Louie's on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. This is one of my favorite shows. I've seen them all and take mental notes for future trips. Well, a few months ago they featured Louie's and the people they interviewed on the show were raving about how good the pizza was....saying it was the best in Dallas. We had to try it and did. Louie's is a small, dark, and cozy place. It was packed at 5:30. It's got and old school feel with a lot of Chicago memorabilia on the walls....my kind of place. We ordered one pepperoni and jalapeno pizza and one sausage pizza. The crust is buttery and super thin. I must say, it was awesome! We all kind of looked at each other and said, "Why haven't we been coming here the last 13 years?"....we've been missing out. Word to the wise, Louie's doesn't take Visa or Mastercard, just cash money and American Express. When you are in Dallas, you must check out this legit hole in the wall. Then you can ask yourself, "Did I just have the best pizza in Dallas?" It was pretty dang good to me. We will be back, that is for sure.


  1. excellent pizza for sure but my only complaint is that there is no beer on tap, other than that it was good

  2. Louie's is my favorite pizza joint in Dallas, too! The greek salad makes an awesome side to the 'za. And although I've never tried the lasagna and other itiallian fare, it always looks great when it gets carried by..

  3. Thom, there are plenty of places down the street for that.
    Jennifer, we had a salad there as well and it was great!

  4. Anonymous6/29/2009

    I hang at Louie's for the Intelectual Conversation - - - that old dude behind the bar freakin' knows everything - - - the chapolte chicken is great too !!!

    Randall Stephens


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