13 May 2009

Danny O - Daniel O'Connor - Magazine Collage Artist

" Lets Play Two" - Daniel O'Connor

In my classes I needed a quick 2-3 day assignment to do after our printmaking unit. I came up with something rather simple that would be a good break from the usual drawing and painting assignments that we have been doing lately. Cut up magazine collages were the answer. We are using Daniel O'Connor as our inspiration. I stumbled upon Danny's work about 4 years ago while I was searching for Chicago Cubs artwork. He has some fantastic stuff on his website! Above is my favorite piece of his.....The Friendly Confines....Wrigley Field. 36 more days and I'll be there! Not that I am counting down the days or anything. I'll be at the Texas Rangers game tomorrow afternoon to get a little taste of baseball. It's our annual boys get-a-way trip. Should be fun as usual!


  1. Hey Jeb,

    I just came across your blog searching and marketing my husband, Danny O's website. Thank you for the compliments. I will pass them along to Danny.

    I realize you posted this a couple years ago, however, I was hoping you wouldn't mind updating this blog with his correct web address. It is

    We are not affiliated with the former site and would like to pop up before the former in search engines. Also he has some great new work to check out :)

    I see that you teach, Danny does residencies and we love to travel if your school / institute is interested. Check out the site in a couple weeks and you'll have scotch tape art to be inspired by!
    Thank you,
    Jennifer O'Connor

    1. Thanks! I just updated the info!


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