08 May 2009

Old 97's - Taste Addison 2009

My sweet new shirt! Shiner Bock style!

Rhett and the boys tearing it up.

Alrighty, I just got back from the show and it was great. I mean really good. This is my band man. I don't really care about anyone else. Well, maybe Willie but you know what I mean. Old 97's played Taste Addison tonight in front of a packed crowd. The weather was perfect....nice breeze...perfect! Taste Addison is the best festival in Dallas every year...hands down. Great food, atmosphere, and of course music. Two dollar Shiners in a can.....are you kiddin'? Awesome. We've gone almost every year since we've lived in the Dallas area. We'll probably go again tomorrow. Anyway, let's focus on tonight. Old 97's played for about an hour and five minutes. They completely tore it up. I actually got to visit with Murry Hammond (bass player) before the show. We talked shop.....he said, "no new stuff tonight, is that okay?" I said, " just do your thing, I like the old stuff".....he responded, "you got it" I was in the front row of course with all the other diehards....good times. You can't beat a 97's show. I'm still pumped.
Below is the set list.

"Won't Be Home" - Leigh, you like this one right?
"Barrier Reef" - best sing-along tune as always
"Buick City Complex" - from Satellite Rides...good stuff
"Salome" - beautiful
"Crash on the Barrelhead" - Murray solo
"Dance With Me"
"Big Brown Eyes" - classic
"Early Morning" - good one from the new album
"Wish The Worst" - favorite song of the night.
"Victoria"- oh yeah
"My Two Feet" - great song on new album
"Smokers" - Murray solo
"Rollerskate Skinny" - one of my faves
"The Easy Way" - favorite song of new album
"Timebomb" - always the last song


  1. wow a whole hour and five minutes? waits played for over two hours. glad you had fun, it sounds like it.

  2. Well, they weren't headlining so they had to move along.....we've all seen them when their last....they play for at least 2 hours straight.

  3. how can they not be the headliners? that is a joke.

  4. that video has an awful sound quality, i suppose you filmed it with a celluar phone?

  5. I was right in front of the speakers...pretty loud and it was just mt regualr camera...not a phone. Basically just testing out the video function on the blog.

  6. Sounds like fun. I do like "Won't be home" but my favorite is probably "One Old Brown Shoe". Too bad we'll be in TN when they are in CO. (not that we could afford to go out to Aspen anyway $$$)

  7. I love "The Other Shoe"


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