17 April 2010

Telegraph Canyon and The Orbans - Lochrann's

The Orbans

Thursday night some friends and I made the long five minute ride to Lochrann's to check out Telegraph Canyon. Lochrann's has been bringing in some up and coming local talent every Thursday night. Telegraph Canyon had what many called the best album of 2009 by a Texas artist. They didn't disappoint. The crowd was decent and a little on the light side......but what do you expect? Frisco has no clue. They missed out. That just allowed us to be two feet from the band. The opening band was The Orbans. They were really good too. They are kind of a mix between Coldplay and Whiskeytown....good stuff. On tap tonight....a secret unannounced show from the Old 97's. They are playing under the name Roaming Hitchhikers. Maybe I'll take a Greyhound to Fredericksburg afterwards. Great music weekend is shaping up. Pick up the new Telegraph Canyon album here: The Tide and the Current
Photos courtesy of of my pal at dustedJuke


  1. At the bottom of my Telegraph Canyon/Orbans post, there are 6 free downloads from The Orbans.

    You can get it from their site http://www.theorbans.com
    or http://www.dustedjuke.info and just right click and save on each song.

    Sounds good.

  2. Jeb, thanks for coming out to the show. I am part of the group working locally to produce these events. You are certainly right that Frisco has no clue but it isn't because the demand isn't here...for now people just aren't aware there has been a shift in the status quo. Thanks for supporting the cause. If you want to shoot me an email we'll get you on the list for future events (we are also taking over Fridays in the near future).



    p.s. let me know if you'd ever be interested in exhibiting at one of the shows. we aren't there yet but once we have a stronger foundation we are hoping to host a monthly mixed-medium showcase (bands and artists).


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