11 April 2010

Main Street Art Festival in Fort Worth - Dolan Geiman

My new addition. "Nebraska Cowboy"

Dolan Geiman, me, and Ali Walsh

Dolan's booth at the show
Sunday morning we skipped church, packed up the kids, and drove west about 40 miles to Ft. Worth for the Main Street Art Festival. The weather was great! It was overcast and cool. It got really crowded around noon, which was fine because we took in a little lunch at one of our favorite spots in Sundance Square. There were tons of great artists at the show. It was real inspiring! I was able to meet one of my favorite artists, Dolan Geiman. We wrestled over which piece to buy but we finally decided on "Nebraska Cowboy" It appears to be a silkscreen/painting combo on plywood. It is really cool. Dolan had some really awesome original large pieces in the booth that I would have loved to take off his hands......but as you know, sometimes collectors have to start small. Dolan and Ali were both really nice and it was great to finally meet them. I've been a loyal follower of the blog for quite some time. It's a must follow. They also have a great Etsy shop set up for you to make online purchases. You know, in case you are looking for the perfect gift for me. I'll post some more info on some of the cool artwork and photography I saw at the festival soon. In the meantime, check out all the great links above!

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