23 April 2010

Chris Knight and Fuzzy's Tacos

Chris Knight
A dog in a bar....that's something you don't see everyday

Set list - I didn't get it but I did get a pic
Last night a friend of mine and a few of his buddies made the drive over to Dan's Silver Leaf in Denton to check out Chris Knight. I've been a fan of CK for about 10 years now, but I had never seen a show. He played an hour and a half acoustic show in front of a packed house. Good stuff!!! If you've never heard of Chris Knight, then you definitely need to check him out. Most of his songs tell a story, and most of the dark storylines focus on hard times and hard living......and death. The quote of the night by a guy behind me was, " He can only go about two songs in a row without singing about death or someone getting killed" Overall great venue and great show! Highlights of the evening besides the show were seeing a dog in the bar, PBR in a can, and Fuzzy's Tacos. We went to Fuzzy's before and after the show. The tacos were about the best I've ever had....and that's saying something! My favorites were the shredded pork tacos, garlic shredded beef tacos, and the shrimp, egg, and cheese breakfast burritos. The queso was awesome too! If you are ever in Denton it's well worth a stop. PT and his wife have been telling me I had to try this place for quite some time now. They were right.
To listen to some Chris Knight and pick up some tunes, click here - Chris Knight

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  1. Glad you liked Fuzzys. I'm sad T is graduating and we won't be up there as much.


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