13 April 2010

Holga Print Block Complete

The Holga print block is complete. I am going to run a small limited edition series of these prints. Above is an artist proof I ran at school for my class. Maybe this will be a good item to get my Etsy shop up and running. My goal is to get some stuff on there before summer. My mind has been spinning with ideas. It's time to put some of these ideas on paper and canvas!


  1. Great image! Looks really good in print. You know that would make a great T-shirt or darkroom apron. Looks like it might be a little big for a greeting card but you could do another smaller one. It's always great to have your own greeting cards and you can give them out in small packs as gifts too .....or....sell them on Etsy! Oh, now you've got ME going! LOL You could print it on canvas and cover an album for all your Holga shots. Okay, I'm done, I promise! Very cool though!

  2. I totally love this.......and want a holga so bad!

    I think you need to put these up in etsy and lots more because.....I think you have crazy mad skillz as well! :) thanks so much for that comment....I laughed out loud!....that is my kind of talk:)

    best, bb


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