18 April 2010

Shhhhhh! It's a Secret - Rhoming Hitchhikers Rock

Rhoming Hitchhikers
I was able to catch an unannounced Old 97's show last night at Sons of Hermann Hall in Dallas. They were not on the bill and no public notice had been put out about the show. How do you find out about one of the shows? Well, for me it all came down to the people I follow on Twitter. Word got out that the band Rhoming Hitchhikers on the bill was actually the Old 97's. I made plans to be there....I mean they are recording a new album and all in town and maybe they would play some new stuff....right? I was not let down. Salim Nourallah opened the show and he was excellent! He produces a ton of the local bands that I love, including the Old 97's. His sound was really good and I was most impressed with his lyrics and the way his songs flowed. Second up was Buttercup out of San Antonio. They played an 8-10 song set. They were entertaining to say the least. I'll let you check them out for yourself. The night was concluded with the Rhoming Hitchhikers....I mean Old 97's. They played a 21 song set and had a good mix of old and new. They did play two brand new songs that sounded really great! If those two songs are any indication of the material on the new album...I would say we are in good shape! It was a rockin' show as usual. The crowd was great! The highlight or should I say lowlight was me dropping Ken's guitar pick that he threw in the crowd when the set was over. The dang thing bounced right off my palm and on to the dark, dark, dirty floor somewhere amongst crowd. Oh well! I'll cap off this week of great live music with Chris Knight at Dan's Silver Leaf on Thursday.
Won't Be Home
Dance With Me
-New Song-
West Texas Teardrops
Here's To The Halcyon
Barrier Reef
Book of Poems
4 Leaf Clover
Color of a Lonely Heart Is Blue
St. Ignatius
-New Song-
Can't Get A Line
Big Brown Eyes
Buy the Rhoming Hitchhikers namesake song here:

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