04 August 2009

New York City Food

Bleecker St. Pizza slice!

Pommes Frites with ketchup, mayo, and onion sauce

Katz's Reuben with pickled green tomatoes...oh mama!

Lamb gyro....words cannot describe the utter greatness of this!

As most of you know I'm a big food guy. Whenever I travel I research the best places to eat in that particular city. I save Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the DVR and write down the names of the places on the show for future trips. Our trip to New York City was no different. We wanted good pizza, fries, and a Reuben sandwich. We managed to conquer all of those easily in a city that has more restaurants than I've ever seen in my life. They even have four entire city blocks dedicated to restaurant equipment only.....Bowery St. Alright here is the quick rundown of some of the highlights.
Pizza - Bleecker St. Pizza in West Village -voted best pizza in NYC by the Food Network. It was dang good. We also had sushi at a place in West Village called Oyishi, it was cheap and very tasty! We had a Reuben at the famous Katz's Deli in the Lower East side.....it was outstanding. Right after taking that down we walked to Pommes Frites in East Village for some fries. They are served in a cone and have 32 dipping sauces to choose from. We actually met some friends on Friday night that were on their way back from Europe for drinks at Matt's Grill. Seth and I were drinking Saranac Pale Ale, it was really good!! One of my best meals was a lamb gyro from a street vendor down by City Hall. It was unbelievable! We finished the last night off at Rare Bar and Grill in the Village. They had delicious burgers and a chipotle mayo that was just awesome. I know this is a lot to digest in one post. You would have thought I would have gained weight after this trip...but when you walk 4-5 miles a day luckily you burn it off.


  1. Yeah, but yours is about GOOD food! Thanks for the visit. I've been meaning to come back by and you beat me to it. Looks (and sounds) like a great trip to NY. The black and white photographs are stunning!

  2. That Gyro looks good!

  3. those fries look the best

  4. You're making me hungry here...and all these places are right around the corner from me!!


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