22 August 2009

Hair bands, mullets, etc. - Def Leppard, Poison, Cheap Trick

Waiting for the encore
Poison busting out "Talk Dirty to Me"

Carrie and I during the show

Last night my wife Carrie and I met up with some friends for the Def Leppard, Poison, and Cheap Trick show at the Superpages.com Center in Dallas. It was a pretty fun time! All these tunes took us back to our high school days. All the bands played their big hits and there was rarely a lull in the playlists. Def Leppard did bust out the " here's one off our new album" but it was only a quick pause in the action. Like most of the shows that I've seen at Superpages.com it was packed and lively! 24 oz. beers were $12. Hahaha....are you kidding me??? I bought a 12 pack of Shiner Smokehaus for $11.99 last week which we worked on in the parking lot before the concert. We had some interesting tailgating neighbors.....but that is a whole story in its self.....funny stuff. Overall, very entertaining and fun show. It was a good end to the summer. Enjoy the power ballad below.

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  1. did bret michaels come out and do an acoustic set?


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