06 August 2009

Marfa NYC

Most everyone who has read this blog before knows my love of Marfa, Texas and the Big Bend region. Well apparently someone else has that love as well but they live in New York City. There is a restaurant in the Lower East Side neighborhood that has a theme of everything Marfa, Texas. Crazy! The name of the restaurant is Marfa NYC. I passed by it and took some pics. They are only open for dinner and we didn't make it down for a taste. The menu looks great! They even serve $6 Lone Star Beer. Maybe those New Yorkers don't know they practically give away the National Beer of Texas down here in Texas. You used to be able to get a 2o pack for like 10 bucks or something. Hopefully Marfa NYC will still be around on my next trip up there.....I'll be sure to drop in for dinner.


  1. LOL. Did you see a Mickey Cafe? I think they serve Mouse. And there is a Mickey, Texas, or at least was in 1937.

  2. 6 bucks for lonestar? those yankees are crazy

  3. Anonymous8/07/2009

    Just spent a week in this area...Gary

  4. Gary, great pics! I'm extremely jealous!

  5. I heard about this place! Unbelievable! Particuarly the "El Cheapo" imitation! I moved from the city before the restaurant made its debut, but I feel I should visit when I return this fall.


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