03 August 2009

More NYC Pics

The Algonquin Hotel - Our home for 4 days.

The Empire State Building

Fedoras and scarfs seemed to be the hot items with all the street vendors...I fought off temptation....my wife, not so much.

Kings of Leon at the Today Show. I think I like their older stuff better...all in all pretty good.

My favorite Georgia O'Keefe painting ever! and I got to see it in person...pretty cool!

26:19 - After 10 days off, I didn't feel so bad. 5K on Saturday in McKinney!


  1. you need to do a skull like that with a double t on it

  2. What part of Junky Trinkets weren't the fedoras? LOL.

  3. Fedoras & Kings of Leon in New York... UHM --very jealous right now...

  4. Anonymous8/04/2009

    Loving these New York moments...and love the fact that you got to see Georgia's painting, especially the piece that she used to make fun of the creative men of the era - talking about "the great American...novel, etc." so she chose to paint the great American painting. She's my favorite artist of all time so I am a little envious.

  5. Oh, Kings of Leon! And the Algonquin! I am jealous! I agree about their old stuff, by the way.


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