27 June 2009

Estate Sale Finds - #1 Summer 2009

I've been out of town for the last few weeks and I haven't been able to get out to many estate sales this year like I usually do in the early part of summer. This morning I woke up at 6 A.M. and split for an estate sale I read about in the newspaper. It was supposed to open at 8 and I wanted to make sure I got there early....I did...try 6:45. The good thing was that they were already open. So I didn't have to mill around, listen to my ipod, read the paper or anything like that. The guys running the sale were major collectors and had some very unique items. I found some really great things and the prices were very reasonable. I picked up some old railroad paper stuff - schedules, maps, letters, and magazines. I'm going to be using some of these in my new paintings as backgrounds. I also picked up about 50-60 old postcards from New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. One of the coolest things that I got was a bag of hundreds of old black and white photographs...some of these are from the early 1900's.....very, very cool. Finally, I snagged some old beer coasters, old travel guides, and a few Arizona Highway magazines from the 50's. Total cash money spent for the day $35. Not too shabby. This trip today has got me fired up to do some more junkin' in the upcoming weeks. The pic above is the booty from today.

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