24 June 2009

Chicago Dinner #2 - Lucky's Sandwich Company

Man vs. Food hype!

$7.00, are you kidding me?

Where is the bottom of this sandwich? Hint, you can't see it.

After the Friday afternoon Cub's game which had an hour and a half rain delay, we walked down Clark St. and slipped into Lucky's before the rain started up again. Lucky's is the home of some of the biggest sandwiches that you have ever seen. They are packed with meat and cheese along with a couple of handfuls of fresh cut french fries and cole slaw. The best thing about them is that they are only $7. They have a challenge that if you can eat 3 of them in an hour you get your picture on the wall of fame along with some other goodies I'm sure. Adam from the Travel Channel show "Man vs. Food" knocked it out with no problem on an episode earlier this season. I opted not to try the challenge but I did knock off one sandwich in about 20 minutes and it was delicious! This was a great after game meal.


  1. Annoying guy vs. Food

  2. http://mistersartwork.blogspot.com/

    I posted some of my son's artwork...

  3. I've been doing what Man vs. Food has been doing my whole life and no show for me?

  4. Maybe if you skipped the pre-breakfast snack of a slice of deep dish you would have been up for the 3 sandwich challenge.

  5. Leigh, no kidding...what was I thinking?

  6. Ahh! Just found my way here and I have to say that I love your design/foodpic mashup! I´ll return for mor for sure.How to make pinwheel sandwiches?


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