26 June 2009

Cave Hike - Little Squaw Resort

View of the cave from the cabin

The cave, or as we found out...the overhang.

The view of the cabins from the cave rim.....yes, it was way up there!

My cousin Andrew and I took on a challenge while we were in Colorado. There is a cave that is at the top of a very large mesa across from our cabins. It appears to be so close and easy to get to. Wrong! The climb was very steep and there was shale all the way up which made it very tricky for finding good footing. It was absolutely exhausting...and I'm in decent shape or so I thought. It took us about 40 minutes to reach the cave and about 15 minutes to get down, using the slide technique. Above are some pictures from our mini adventure. The view from the top was worth it though.


  1. who was the first stroke victim to climb up there?

  2. looks like areas here in Canada.....


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