06 June 2009

Colorado Bound

I'll be in the mountains of Colorado for the next 10 days. So don't expect much from JT in the next week or so. I may share some small blurbs here and there from my mobile phone. Above is a pic of my home for the next week. It sits about 100 yards from the Rio Grande.


  1. I'm hoping Texas can reclaim the region we had to sell as part of the Compromise of 1850. Maybe Colorado will sell it back to us since they are in debt and we have $9 billion in fun money.

    I like oil money.

  2. Hey Jeb~ I'm totally envious! 100ft from the Rio... hopefully you took the flyrod?!! Can't wait to see some more pics and good luck if you're giving Cut-Throat Trout a little exercise! ~T

  3. so many trout slaughtered

  4. Tom, caught a few browns and had a few nice ones get away. Had a great time though!


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