23 June 2009

Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine

2009 issue
1960 issueMid June means one thing to Texans.....well maybe two. The beginning of stifling heat and the arrival of Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine. This the bible to everything Texas football. It has a write up on every high school, college, and pro team in the state of Texas. I look forward to it every year. I even collect the issues. The first issue came out in 1960. I have this issue proudly displayed in my office. I have 46 of the 49 issues. I'm missing 1961, '62, '63. Here is a run down of the coverboys. I can find them on EBAY or here but I'm not quite ready to drop $300-$500 per issue. I'll keep looking for them at estate sales and see what happens. In the mean time go pick up you copy today and get schooled on your Texas football so you are ready to go in the fall.


  1. colt says i fear the Potts

  2. My son is in this years issue! We already have our copy.

  3. Cool, where does he play? I'm in the 1988 and 1989 issues.

  4. He plays 6 man at Plainview Christian Academy in Plainview Texas. pppsssttt his name is Cade.

  5. Jeb-- You've got to check out the booleyan theory blog that my husband's family has started--they are texentric sports nuts!

  6. Anonymous7/23/2009

    I have them all and am willing to sell them, but as you know they won't come cheap. My copy of 1960 is in much better shape - good to excellent, as are my 61,62,63, etc. Let me know of your interest.


    1. Anonymous11/26/2017

      John, i know this is an old post but do you happen to have the 1960-64 magazines? My dad has all of them but those. He is actually in the 1967 issue and is passionate about high school football here in the great state of Texas. Please email me at angela_sfa@hotmail.com I appreciate your time. Thanks, Angela

  7. Anonymous8/25/2009

    I have old Dave Campbell Texas Football mag. for sale - oldest is 1966 with John La Grone -(back page is missing) - all the way of to 1990's. Anyone interested ?

  8. Can you tell me the name of the coach interviewed in that first issue of Texas Football?

  9. Anonymous6/28/2011


    How much for the 1960 issue?


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