29 September 2010

Digital Art Collage - QSL cards

Julia Trigg's Alphabet from QSL cards

I discovered Tulia Trigg's work a few weeks ago on Junkculture. Which if you don't follow, YOU SHOULD!  I was really impressed with her work and I loved the fact that she uses old paper like I do in her collages.  The ones that really caught my attention were the collages made of QSL radio cards.  I'm a sucker for cool fonts, text, and old type.  I love it!  When I read up a little more on Julia, I found out that she only scans or photographs her old paper ephemera as not to destroy the originals.  All her work was digital.  What?  I have some old QSL radio cards from the 30's and 40's stashed away as well....because I just do...I collect stuff.   I still think I like gluing and painting my collages down the old school way. I want to try and incorporate more of these cards into the backgrounds of my paintings or collages.


  1. very intersting. i have a big collection of old QSL Cards but never thought of using them for a display.

  2. Hi
    I am Julia Trigg. Nice to see you like my QSL collages. I am actually pretty upset though that you have copied my idea!


  3. Hey Julia, I do love your collages! I'm sorry if you are upset....there was no harm intended. I just had some QSL cards sitting around and wanted to see if I could duplicate the process. I haven't messed with them since and probably won't again. Digital art is not really my thing. I'm more of a painter. I can remove the post if you would like or at least remove my two experimental images.

  4. Hi Jeb

    Thanks for the explanation. No need to remove the post, I am pleased you like my work. Yes I would prefer it if you could remove your images, as I am getting recognised for these ham radio collages now and it's something I am working very hard at. I will have a new website live in a week or so, so you can check out more in the series. Thanks again for your praise and good luck with your paintings!

    Julia :)

  5. A round of applause for your blog article. Thanks Again. Much obliged.how many shots in a bottle of tequila


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