04 October 2010

Weekend Recap - Link Em Up

 Hole In My Wall at Discovery Show

 Some of my stuff alongside one of my student's animal paintings - she is amazing!

Future stone carver

Busy weekend... here is the the lowdown and links:

Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward on Friday night.  Real good band! Check them out!

The Frisco Discovery Center grand opening - Had a great time checking out all the great artwork.
Here are a few of my friends that had booths:
Carolyn Nelson
Misty Foster
Jane Damon
Barbara J. Mason
T. Scott Stromberg

We took in a Twisted Root burger on Sunday before Cottonwood.  It was delicious!  Sorry no pics, I was too busy eating!  I went with the chipolte, guacamole, cheddar, and fried onion string burger....it was money!

Finished off the weekend at Cottonwood and had some great visits with some of my friends:
Jennifer Cavan
Brice McCasland
Jerry Brem

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