11 September 2010

Studio Saturday Revived

Junky Trinkets Headquarters

I haven't done a Studio Saturday post in well over a year.  Some of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. So here's a brief rundown: when I started blogging I used to do a weekly post on Saturdays to keep everyone up to speed with what was going on the studio/collectibles room. Clutter is usually what is going on!  I know how much I love seeing other artist's workspaces on blogs and so forth...so I thought I'd post a current pic of the recently cleaned studio.  This is where it all goes down in the world of Junky Trinkets.  Older pics here.


  1. What a great space...minus the longhorn trashcan. =)

    Are you still teaching art?

  2. Nice space! I'd have to clean mine up before I could take a picture :) I really dig the works on maps. The water tower you are working on reminds me of Jasper Johns (who I really dig). Have you ever seen the documentary Painters Painting? It's awesome–basically a movie interviewing all the Abstract Expressionists and Pop Artists in America. If you haven't seen it et me know and I will let you borrow mine.

  3. Anonymous9/11/2010

    I like your space and the virtual one too..I love your work and that some of it is done on maps as canvases...really awesome...

  4. Great space. I see you are surrounded by inspiration and that chair looks way comfortable. Loive seeing the water tower again too!


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