10 September 2010

Lakewood Landing - New Project

Here is a new piece I started yesterday.  I'm using the same techniques I used for Sweet Home 11. I took one of my photos, cropped it, filtered in in Photoshop, and drew in on a 1960's street map of Dallas.  I'm going to glue it down to a 20 x 20 canvas and paint it with acrylics and oil pastels. The Lakewood Landing is my brother's favorite hangout down in Dallas.  It's a pretty cool place.  I hope to finish this one over the weekend.


  1. love this place. great idea!

  2. Anonymous9/11/2010

    Such a great idea... now I am inspired to clean up my area and do the same.

  3. me gusta burgers at the Landing

  4. you brother must be cool

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