31 May 2010

Holga Leftovers On The Brink Of Summertime

I've still got some Holga images floating around the hard drive that I haven't shared yet.  Today, I figured that I'd throw a couple out there from spring break. I still have a few in the hole that I'm saving for Etsy. School is winding down....four more days. I'm thinking I can make it. I'm dreaming of my usual summer activities: the annual Colorado trip, floating the Comal, estate sales on Thursdays, creating art, and hitting some live music shows.  My LASIK surgery went off without a hitch.  I can see like a champ! No more artsy glasses.....oh well.  I am going to start a new collage painting today.  It's a gift painting so I'll post what I can as not to give away any secrets. 


  1. I like these shots - are any going to become paintings?
    Glad to hear your LASIK surgery went well. You could always put non-prescription lenses in your artsy glasses for those times when you really want to feel artsy. Or as my brother says artsy-fartsy (don't you love brothers?)

  2. Thanks Elisa. Yes, the eyes are doing good.....as far as fake glasses go....I'll think about it just in case I need "the look"

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