02 June 2010

Ryan Bingham - Junky Star

Great news just came across my radar today!  Ryan Bingham's new album Junky Star will be out September 7th!  This should be a good one.  I wonder where he got his idea for his album name????  Sounds familiar to me.  If you are not familiar with Ryan Bingham then you need to get caught up by buying Mescalito, Roadhouse Sun, and the Crazy Heart Soundtrack.  I'll be in the company of Mr. Bingham on July 4th at Whitewater Sports.  I used to work at WWS during the summers back in college....back when it was a dump.  It looks like they've got their act together now.....wouldn't ya know.  Buy a ticket and come join me!!
Sneak Preview right here.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6/02/2010

    Depression and Hallelujah sound amazing. The grainy youtube versions of "The Poet" that I've seen give me the chills. This sounds like Mescalito on steroids and I absolutely cannot wait till September.


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