15 May 2010

My New Business Cards Are In!

I got my new business cards in the mail today and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!  I ordered them from moo.com last Monday morning and they arrived on Saturday....not a bad turn around.  I went with the mini cards for something a little different.  There are 11 unique cards in a set.  Each one has a different painting or photograph on the front.  Get one or collect them all....or better yet, buy the original :)


  1. NICE cards! I'm checking out moo.com...

  2. Dude, those are awesome. Would it be too cliché to say "How artistic!"?

  3. i love these cards

  4. Those are awesome! When will you have your Etsy shop set up?

  5. Oh very beautiful card! So very nice and wonderful card. This is meaningful for all.

  6. Nice cards...i am checking it out for plastic business cards when i need to design it.

  7. Unique and captivating designs for
    plastic business cards that inspires viewers and especially new clients a lot...


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