11 January 2010

Weekend Craigslist Finds!

I have found a new friend, and his name is Craig. He runs a website we've all heard of called Craigslist. I've never really spent that much time on Craigslist until the last few weeks. I think I like it! Above are our two purchases for the week. The top picture is of our new entry way dresser. We have been looking for one for few months now on all of our antiquing adventures and were unable to find that right piece. So we turned to Craigslist and we found this early 1900's piece for $50. It also came with a great oval mirror that we removed. With a change of hardware and some TLC, this is exactly what we were looking for. The next image is some of the new art supplies I bought on Craigslist yesterday. I picked up 34 tubes of Golden and Windsor Newton Acrylic Paints and 12 unused nice paint brushes for $50. They are all brand new and probably retail for well over $400. What a deal! I plan on putting these to use in the upcoming week. I'm ready to paint again.

1 comment:

  1. You really know how to shop craigslist! Those are some great deals. I can't believe you got all of those art supplies for $50. You really lucked out!


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