20 January 2010

My Photos Have Arrived!

New Display


"Big Sky"

I mentioned a few weeks ago that something I wanted to do for the New Year was to start collecting original artwork and photography from many of my favorite artists. Above are some of the new prints that I purchased from the very talented photographer Bomobob on Etsy. They were taken with a Holga and they look great. This shop has some really colorful photos and they run some great package deals. I've got them framed up in some nice little IKEA Ribba frames.


  1. I am always impressed when I come to your blog. Your photos are always enjoyable to view and your art is superb. That is why I have chosen your blog to be the one I spotlight today (Jan 21). Thanks for always inspiring me.

  2. Nice display. I particularly like Star!

  3. Really cool. I like "Big Sky". I'll be sure to check out Bomobob. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great pictures. I'm trying to support artists as well! It's not the price of the artwork that kills me - it's the price of the frames!

  5. Frames can be brutal. That's why I'm starting to buy artwork that either fits in IKEA frames or I'm trying to pick some up at the local thrift stores and repaint them.

  6. It's always so cool to see artists supporting other artists. Thanks, too, for the recent Twitter reply. It's nice to virtually meet you!


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