08 January 2010

Starting The Collection - Stardust Motel Sign - Marfa, Texas

My Stardust Motel Pic

My new purchase!

This has been a crazy week....sorry for the lack of posts. First of all I had to go back to work after 16 days off. That takes a little adjustment. Secondly, it's freezing here in Dallas! We had no school yesterday because of some slick spots on the roads....I was out at 9 AM and the roads were perfect. Wind chills are in the single digits.....burrrr. Waste of a day that we'll have to make up when it's actually nice in April. On a more pleasant subject, I am staying true to my New Year's resolution and I began buying some original art/photos. Like I said a few days ago, I'm starting small and will hopefully build up. The second image shown above is the first purchase. It comes from a talented photographer from Austin - Rachel Goldstar. Make sure and check out her Etsy shop for some cool pics! Its a great photo of the good ole Stardust Motel sign on the outskirts of Marfa. The first photo is one that I took of the same sign a few years back. Rachel's is way better! I'll keep you posted on some of the other things that are about to fill my gallery wall.

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  1. wow! i am honored to kick off your art collecting resolution with my stardust motel image. thanks again for your support! ~rachel


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