07 December 2010

Texas Highway Signs and Updated Image of "Marfa Sky 2"

 Cruisin' Down U.S. 281

I can't pass up a Texas road sign!
Updated pic of Marfa Sky 2 from 12/6 in better light.

I wanted to show off some of my recent purchases while I was out junkin'.  A few months ago I picked up a U.S. Highway 281 sign at Canton's First Monday Trade Days.  I saw it early in our day and I asked the guy in the booth what the price was....he said $50.  I said okay and walked away.  Knowing that I wasn't going to leave Canton without it I went back about 4 hours later and and told him I'd take it for $30.  He said fine.  It is a sentimental piece to me since this is one of the highways I traveled on a lot back in high school.  The other sign is from Texas Farm Road 2230 which is out in west Texas, north of Big Spring.  I got it for $18 at my wife's favorite spot in New Braunfels to shop - Max's Haus. As you know, I have a thing for old signs and I have a hard time passing them up when I find them for a good price.  They make for an interesting design element in our home.  I also threw in a better pic of my landscape painting from a few weeks ago.

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