27 November 2010

Oil Pastel Landscape - Marfa Sky 2

 Marfa Sky 2

Updated pic from 12/6 - better light!

I had a few wood panels sitting around the studio and I decided to bust out the oil pastels and do a little landscape painting.  These are really fun for me.  I love blending and layering colors with the oil pastels.  I may try a few more of these soon. First, I laid a coat of gesso down and then did an undercoat of red-orange acrylic paint.  I then used Sennelier oil pastels to finish it out.  It's like painting with lipstick. They are the best oil pastels I've found!  The picture above doesn't quite do the colors justice....I need to figure out some better ways to photograph these.  I really didn't make a point to photograph it perfectly but any photo suggestions or tips would be greatly  appreciated!!
Get some Sennelier Oil Pastels here:
Sennelier Oil Pastel Sets


  1. You are not the first to have difficulty getting the colors right with the photos, Jeb. Welcome to my world! I have found that outside light, in the shade on a reasonably bright day gets me the closest to the real colors. And, I always have the most trouble on the ones with the red background! PS I like the piece! Jen

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I'm going to retake a photo of this piece. This photo really doesn't capture the true colors. I'll repost.

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