03 December 2010

Junky Trinkets Holiday Shopping Guide 3 - Gifts For Artists

Marble Painting - Max- age 6

Got some artists on your gift list?  Here are a few ideas that they might enjoy.

Looking for a great starter kit for someone that wants to begin painting? Liquitex is one of my favorite brands of paint. Click on the image to see the wide variety of starter kits.

Studio 6-Tube Set

Every artist needs a place to keep their ideas handy and sketch out future masterpieces. Moleskin sketchbooks are about as good as the get! Click on the image to see all the options.


Matting artwork and photography can get expensive at the frame shop....so do it yourself! Check out the mat cutters below:

Logan 450 Mat Cutter

Painting with watercolors can be intimidating! Here's a neat product to ease into watercolors. They are watercolor pencils. Draw out your image and then paint water with your bush on top to get a watercolor effect. I use an aqua flow brush pen for this. It's a great item for traveling and sketching on the go....without all the mess and cleanup!

Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils

Aqua Flow Brushes
Aqua Flow Brush Set

You need something to paint on right?  I prefer the square gallery wrapped canvas.  Tip: Buy in bulk for cheaper rate.  I buy all my canvases at Art Supply Warehouse.  They have the best deals on the web!


  1. I might ask Santa for a larger, more organized studio but I'm not sure he is gonna deliver!

  2. No kidding! I'm busting at the seams in my studio!

  3. The Moleskine is on my favorite list! I love using those to take notes.


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