12 August 2010

"Style Station 1" - Mixed Media - Style Station - Waco, Texas

Style Station #1 - Mixed Media  - 12 x 12 - on gallery wrapped canvas.

This was a really fun piece to do.  Expect more of this in the coming weeks.....I'm feeling a little inspired.


  1. If it's 12 X 12, I have to assume you did something to enlarge the photo. Can you explain what you did to me, please. I really like this piece. The flying red horse is an excellent choice for drawing your eye into it.

  2. I like it Jeb! Very cool piece.

  3. Dave, I took one of my Holga pictures blew it up on photoshop to 8 x 8 used a filter to just pick up the darks and lights and reversed the image and printed it off and photocopied it.
    Next steps:
    Collage canvas with old paper
    Covered the collage with acrylic polymer medium
    and let it dry.
    Covered photo image with polymer medium and placed it face down on canvas. I let it dry completely. I also ironed it down using a craft iron...once dry I wet the paper with a sponge and rubbed off the paper leaving the image. Then I enhanced with paint and oil pastel. Hope this makes sense.

  4. this very cool, best one yet, i see a wrigley, jones stadium, landing in your future

  5. Fantastic. Liked, as always, seeing the during and after shots. Looking forward to seeing where you take this series next.

  6. Hi Jeb,
    your works are very good, the variations with the silkscreen give optimum results! ;)
    congrats! all so cool!
    Hugs from São Paulo,

  7. This is great! I love this image and the feel you got with the transfer. Thanks for the explanation too. Made sense to me!


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