18 August 2010

Gruene Hall Texas Collage Painting - IN PROGRESS

Here is my other collage painting that I'm working on. The main images are acrylic transfers.  I've pretty much just done the background.  I still need to paint and enhance....but I'm not completely set on the direction I want to take....I hate creative block!

1 comment:

  1. This is a very interesting start! I'm looking forward to seeing how you resolve your image. I have tried to transfer images from my printer but never have managed a good result. I have not tried your method but am so encouraged by your result. I am looking forward to the next time it comes up in my work so I can try your method.
    I can relate to the creative block thing, just got past it myself! Maybe take a photo of the whole canvas and play with it in photoshop to get some ideas. Good luck!


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