16 August 2010

ETSY Shop Now Open!

Gruene Hall

Style Station

El Capitan

One of my summer goals was to open an ETSY shop and start piddling around with selling some small items.  Well, today I went back to work....so technically my summer is over, so I had to get this thing up and running!  I listed a few of my Texas Holga images. Finally some of my old beer bottles came in handy! Stop by the shop and check 'em out!  Any feedback on things to improve would be greatly appreciated!  Here is the shop link 


  1. I'm heading in that direction as well, Jeb. I've not generated any sales through the blog, but have had motre than a few inquiries. Etsy just may be the thing to do.

  2. So excited that your store is finally open!


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