11 July 2010

Ryan Bingham at Whitewater Sports - Ain't No Concert For The Weary Kind!

No, those aren't my hands.

My wife and I celebrated America's birthday with the tunes of Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses at Whitewater Sports in Sattler, Texas.  Whitewater Sports holds a special place in my heart because I worked there for two summers back in college.  I patched tubes, patched canoes, took parking money, drove tube shuttles, guided raft trips, picked up trash, cleaned toilets, helped drunk tubers out of their rafts at the end of their trips.....fun times.....no really... FUN times!  But even after all those great memories of WWS, I have to say my favorite WWS memory was last weekend at the Ryan Bingham show.  I've seen RB twice and was blown away both times.  This show took the cake.  The show was sold out and the crowd was nuts, I mean bananas....just like I like it.  He opened the show with Day Is Done and closed with Bread & Water during the encore.  We had crowd surfing, flashers, a dude that got goat roped by a Comal County Sheriff 5 feet from us, and a friend of RB dance on stage in his undies.....now how can you beat that?  Oh yeah, Bingham tore it up!  Even had some fireworks in the background....what a scene!  If you are not on board yet, then get on board.  Go buy his albums Mescalito and Roadhouse Sun and then go see RB live.  What a great night and one of the best shows that I've ever seen.

The undie dancer...hilarious!


  1. Sounds like a great time! I missed Texas during the 4th of July, we didn't have any fireworks in Bahrain! I look forward to seeing your new painting in progress!

  2. Awesome. RB filmed the Southside of Heaven video in my hometown, btw.


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