27 July 2010

Estate Sale Finds 7-22

Matchbooks baby!

My favorite matchbook I got - Look familiar??

The haul from 7-22

Finally I had a chance to hit some estate sales over the past few weeks!  I was about to go through withdrawal.  They don't call me the Junky Trinket for nothing!  I love to hit the sales on Thursdays and find the goods.  I picked up around 400 matchbooks from all over the southwest last week.  Tons of Las Vegas ones and a lot from Dallas as well.  The Alamo Plaza one is my fave!  On my last adventure I picked up some great finds.  1950's Bingo cards and other games - $1 each - great for collage.  1950's Texas license plates - $3 each -steal!! 1960's Texas maps .25 each - always pick up the maps. Perspective Drawing book - $1 - my second one of those. Old Pepsi bottle crate - $3 - what a deal! 1940's ticket stub for war event at Cotton Bowl - free!- it was in an old scrapbook and she said to just take it. 1960's Coors Beer drinking glass - .25 - for my bro.  Not too bad of a haul!!  I did run into some trouble when a man running a sale changed the price on a sign  from .10 a piece for old postcards to $6.00 a piece...needless to say I let him know he was out of bounds.....I told him to call me when he realized his error.


  1. Awesome finds!!! I had a great Saturday of garage sales too!

  2. Cool finds now back to the art... ;-)

  3. Thanks for sharing, cool find, Valiant Glass


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