13 July 2010

Kelly Willis at Gruene Hall

Wow! They painted Gruene Hall - Is there any better place to be on a Friday night in Texas?? No!

Setlist - signed and all!

Me and Kelly - My wife smudged the lens to try and sabotage the pic!
Sorry Kelly!

Last Friday night was about as good as it gets for me in my little music world.  Carrie and I were able to see my all time favorite female singer - Kelly Willis play at Gruene Hall.  I've been a diehard Kelly Willis fan since 1993 or so.  I have all of her albums and I bet I've seen her play 15+ times in my life.  It had been about 8 years since we had last seen KW play, so this was a treat!  Her show was awesome and she hasn't missed a beat since the early 90's.  After the show I got her to sign the setlist I got, and I was also able to get a picture with her.  Kelly is always very laid back and friendly with her fans....which is cool. She managed to play a great mix of old and new stuff and plenty off of my favorite KW albums - What I Deserve , Kelly Willis, and Well Traveled Love. I'm biased I know but Kelly has the BEST voice around.  Make sure and check out her albums when you get a chance.  One thing Kelly has going for her is that her husband is Bruce Robison.  He's one of the best singer/songwriters in the business today.  Below is a video from Friday of Kelly singing  a Bruce Robison song -"Wrapped" maybe you've heard of it......we were listening to this song back in the late 90's....way before George did it.


  1. Jeb! You are super talented! Glad to see you have found your niche!

  2. She's one of my faves, too!

  3. Kelly is the best!!!


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