30 June 2010

Cajun Cooking at Mulate's

I went to my cousin's wedding last weekend in Lafayette, Louisiana.  It's the cousin that I made the West Texas Fleur De Lis for.  Well as you know, I try and avoid the chain restaurants when I travel, and this short trip was no exception.  My son and I stopped by Mulate's in Breaux Bridge for some Cajun cooking.  It was recommended by my pal PT Money, who just happens to be a good ole Louisiana boy. This place was legit old school - wood paneling, dim lights, a dance floor, checkered tablecloths, and neon signs.  Right down my alley!  I had a bowl of gumbo and a local beer - LA 31.  The gumbo was outstanding!  I also discovered a Cajun garlic sauce that was at the table.  It was delicious!!  Luckily they were selling it behind the counter....so I bought a couple of bottles.

1 comment:

  1. Glad it worked out. I gotta try some of that 31.


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