16 December 2008

Tuesday Tunes - Old 97's - Too Far To Care

In 1997, my mom gave me a CD. It was the soundtrack to the movie Hope Floats, starring Harry Connick Jr. and Sandra Bullock ...... Anyway, she thought I'd like it because it had a song on there from a musician I like named Jack Ingram.....Well, needless to say I smiled and said, "thanks mom, this looks great!" When my parents left town that that day, I rushed down to the CD World on Greenville Avenue to trade it in. I walked up and down the aisles looking for a CD I might want to replace it. I saw the Old 97's album "Too Far Too Care" as an employee pick. The cover art was cool! I'd seen their name around in the Dallas Observer weekly paper. So I went for it cold turkey. It changed my life. After about 2 weeks, I went and bought their two previous CDs and saw them play at Trees in Deep Ellum. The rest is history! The Old 97's are my favorite band without a doubt. In the mid 90's they were known as the pioneers of alternative / twang rock country. They put on the most energetic live show that you've ever seen. I've seen them about 10+ times and they have never disappointed. Check them out if you've never heard of them. It's an employee pick!

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  1. remember the goold ol' days of seeing the 97s in deep ellum....how's that working out for you?


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