11 December 2008

Texas License Plate Artwork

My wife and I recently went to McKinney Trade Days in McKinney, Texas. We stumbled upon a guy on the last aisle of the event that was making artwork out of license plates. His name is Raymond and he is incredibly talented. When I saw his stuff, I was blown away by the attention to detail that he puts in his work. He told me that he was in the courthouse to pay a ticket one day and he noticed some license plate artwork hanging on the wall. He told me that he thought he could do better work. Raymond has a background working in the auto shop. He never once thought of himself as an artist. He started making these a few months ago, and the demand has been overwhelming. He has completely sold out the last few times that he's been to First Monday Trade Days in Canton. Anyway, we had him make us a personalized one with our birth year plates in the state. It's in the picture above. He does all kinds of different pieces ranging from guitars to Texas school logos. Pretty cool stuff. I'm still trying to arrange a time when I can meet up with him to pick it up so I can hang that sucker up on the wall at home!

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