18 December 2008

Throwback Thursday - "Man on the Box" Collage

This collage was done about 5 years ago. I used an old map, Mississippi State yearbook from the 50's, old magazines, an old engineering textbook, acrylic medium, acrylic paint, and a 5" x 7" canvas to complete the collage. I attached the old map and textbook pages down to the canvas with acrylic medium. Then I cut out the man from the yearbook. After that I created a box from magazine clippings. I glued them down and started to paint the layers. When the paint was dry, I sealed it with more gloss medium. It took me literally an hour or so to complete. It was a creative trial at a canvas collage. A few years ago when I began selling some of my collectibles on Ebay, I decided to sell a piece of art as well. This was the piece! I wasn't in love with it. I had no attachment to it. I had to see if there was any interest in small collages on Ebay. Well, after a week, and about 5 or 6 bids. The "Man on a Box" collage sold for a whopping $20.50. The lady that bought it was from New York and she said it looked great hanging in here office! That was cool. I was real happy since it only took me a little while to complete. This is the only artwork that I've ever tried to sell on Ebay. It is also the only artwork that I've ever sold. Not to say that I wouldn't sell any of my current stuff......I would for the right price. I get kind of attached to my work and have a problem parting with it. One of my future goals is to start doing some small work to sell on Ebay or Etsy.


  1. Anonymous12/18/2008

    It would be cool to see a picture of the New York office that this is hanging in.

  2. It would be cool to see your name
    my name is thom
    i am not here
    this isn't happening

  3. This is a great collage. I like the covered text, the use of the map, and the way in which you highlighted the man's face. Since I live in New York City, I will have to start looking for this piece in all the offices I go into!


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