01 May 2012

New Water Tower Mixed Media In Progress

I started a new piece this morning.  Here is where I am at.


  1. Is this the Frisco watertower? If so, we might have to have a talk :) If you need beer money then I will get the next round!

  2. I wasn't planning on it being the Frisco water tower. It was going to be more of a silhouette image. I still don't know exactly where I'm heading with this. I want a real light colored sloppy abstract thing going on with the outer edges. Probably going add some color to the center silhouette. I actually sold my piece at city hall and this is intended to replace it since the buyer is moving and needs it by the end of May. What ya thinking? I can always use beer money! :)


I always like to hear what you think.....drop me a note!


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